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The leftist opposition’s claim that the government has not ordered sufficient quantities of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine is part of their “hate campaign” against the government, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said on Facebook on Saturday.

Citing passeges from the European Commission’s agreement with the producer, Gulyás insisted that shipments of Moderna could not be expected before the third quarter of 2021, when “sufficient amounts of vaccines purchased from other sources will be in place to inoculate the whole adult population”.

'Slowly-delivered' Moderna Vaccines Too Pricey for Hungary?
'Slowly-delivered' Moderna Vaccines Too Pricey for Hungary?

Last week, Telex reported that Hungary could have received more Moderna vaccines from joint EU procurement than the government has committed to. There was no clear answer as to why this is the case, however finally the Coronavirus Press Center told RTL News the reason behind the Orbán government’s decision. Vaccines produced by Moderna are […]Continue reading

Moreover, Gulyás said that “actual deliveries [of Moderna] are even more sluggish than outlined in the agreement”, adding that several other European Union members had similarly given up their option of Moderna.

In reaction to press reports quoting the EU representation in Budapest that the EU does not have direct information concerning vaccine deliveries to Hungary since the country receives shipments from the producers rather than via the EU, Gulyás said that he had his information from an agreement signed by European Commissioner Stelly Kyriakides.

DK: Gov't 'Subjected Vaccination to anti-EU Campaign'
DK: Gov't 'Subjected Vaccination to anti-EU Campaign'

The Democratic Coalition (DK) on Sunday accused the Orbán government of “politicising the issue of the coronavirus vaccine and subjecting it to its anti-European Union campaign.” Gergely Arató, DK’s deputy group leader, insisted at an online press conference that the government had “on purpose” refrained from contracting the Moderna vaccines assigned for Hungary by the […]Continue reading

“The Commission, therefore, is aware that the vaccine delivery in question cannot arrive in Hungary before the third quarter,” he said. “Why has the Commission lied?” he added.

Featured photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI