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PM Orbán: Hungary ‘Months Ahead’ of Other EU Member States in Vaccination

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.26.

Hungary is “months ahead” of other EU member states in terms of its inoculation rate, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after a two-day European Union summit in Brussels on Tuesday.

Orbán said in a video posted on Facebook that the summit focused on vaccination, migration and climate change.

Migration to Europe was discussed at the initiative of Spain and Italy, since “thousands of illegal migrants are making their way to the Europe on a daily basis”, Orbán said. “The issue will be discussed in depth and in hope of a decision next month,” Orbán said, adding that Hungary continued to reject illegal migrants.

Regarding the issue of climate change and “who should pay the price of climate protection”, Orbán said some would have the people pay in the form of taxes on fuel and housing. Others, including central European countries, say the price should be paid by large polluters such as corporations. “This discussion will be resumed next month,” he said.

Featured photo via Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page