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Orbán: EPP Betrayed Fidesz, We Were an Inch Away from Quitting

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.17.

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party was “an inch away” from leaving the European People’s Party (EPP) on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a radio interview.

Referring to the European Parliament resolution on the rule of law in Hungary and Poland and broad EPP support for it, Orbán said the reason why Fidesz was so close to quitting was that the majority of the party family “betrayed us”.

Fidesz’s Fate in EPP Soon to be Decided

He said the French, Spanish and Italian MEPs in the EPP, however, “were clearly on our side”, and in the debate they argued that the party family should stand up for Hungary. Given this backing, the prime minister said there was hope for a change in the EPP. “Hope is dwindling but it’s still there. Otherwise we would not be members this morning,” he said, adding that he would meet the Austrian and German chancellors, as well as EPP leader Donald Tusk before making a decision.

At the same time, this situation cannot remain as it is, he added. If the EPP does not stick up for Hungary, “we’ll have to launch a new European Christian-Democratic movement”. “We will have allies,” Orbán said.

Orbán: Soros Network behind EP Censuring Hungary and Poland

Orban said the outcome of the vote in Strasbourg had been unsurprising as the majority in favour of censuring Hungary were from the EP’s pro-migration wing. He added that the “Soros network” of groups allied to US financier George Soros was “very active in the EP and European politics”.

Featured photo by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI