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Orbán Lists 11 Hungarian Companies That Stack Up Well Internationally

Balázs Frei 2020.10.20.

When questioned in Parliament on the government’s alleged failure to help create Hungarian companies that could compete with multinational corporations, the Prime Minister replied by naming 11 companies that he believes can stand their ground internationally.

Independent MP János Bencsik asked Orbán why over the last decade the government has not managed to help build Hungarian-owned companies that create a lot of added value and could compete with multinational corporations, and not just operate from overpriced procurement and diverted EU support funds.

Independent MP Writes Complaint Against Himself For 'Spreading Fake News'
Independent MP Writes Complaint Against Himself For 'Spreading Fake News'

Independent member of Parliament János Bencsik, posted a video on his Facebook page last Wednesday in which he “uncovers useless Chinese protective equipment.” The video has since reached hundreds of thousands of people, and Bencsik has been accused of lying by several sources. Among others, public television M1 and the director of Ferenc Jahn Hospital, […]Continue reading

In response, the Prime Minister said that in fact some Hungarian companies stack up well internationally. He named MOL, OTP, Richter, MVM, Master Good, Hell, Pick, Wallis, Wáberer, Cordia, and Futureal as examples of such firms. He said that although Bencsik accused the government of elitism, they are, in reality, mostly “plebeian types.” He added that in terms of poverty, the Hungary of today cannot be compared to the Hungary of ten years ago. Based on any international analysis, poverty has fallen in the country. He also mentioned that 38,000 corporations export goods from Hungary, and 30,000 of them are owned by Hungarians.

Photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI