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Elections 2018: Orbán Claimed that Budapest with migrants ‘would become unrecognisable’

Hungary Today 2018.04.04.

Budapest is among the world’s safest cities but that could easily change if voters make the wrong choice in Sunday’s election, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Budapest on Wednesday.

Orbán gave warning that the city could become “unrecognisable” if the Fidesz government were not reelected. He said Budapest was a good place to raise children and for families to live in safety, but “in the cities of immigrant countries this is not the case”.

“Whoever votes for the opposition on Sunday” chooses “a path to an immigrant country,”

he said. The prime minister added: “We will keep Budapest a beautiful, exciting and safe city.” Orbán said Budapest would be the first port of call for migrants. The mass gathering of migrants three years ago at Keleti railway station should never again be allowed to happen, he said, adding that the fence on the southern border protected Budapest foremost.

Speaking at the same event at the National University of Public Administration, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós said Budapest was now a far better city than eight years ago. Tarlós also listed the major developments carried out in Budapest over the past eight years with government support.


via MTI

image via Koszticsák Szilárd/ MTI