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The European Union is seeking to strip Hungary of its right to protect its borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview to public Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Concerning the Sargentini report the European Parliament approved on Wednesday, Orbán said it was motivated by an “ultimatum” by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron to Europe under which countries on the bloc’s perimeter would relinquish some of their border control activities and hand them over to Brussels.

“The plan is that if they cannot force Hungary to allow migrants in, they will strip the country of the right to control its borders,” Orbán insisted.

“They want to stigmatise Hungary and they want to weaken Hungary’s resistance. They want to replace Hungarian border guards and soldiers who have taken an oath and for whom the homeland is paramount and send mercenaries from Brussels who will let migrants in,”

Orbán said.

Orbán said the Sargentini report was adopted in a procedure which “does not involve any sanctions”. He insisted that the disciplinary process unleashed by the report’s adoption presented “no danger whatsoever” for Hungary. The next “battle”, he added, would be about “who determines whom we allow to enter the country”.

The Sargentini Report: What’s Next for Hungary and the EU?

Noting that Europe would hold elections next May, Orbán called the current members of the European Parliament has-beens.

The current EP has a “clear pro-migrant” majority whose mission “is to change the composition of the continent and replace its population”, Orban said. He said certain EP politicians “hate all those who oppose their plans and organise resistance”.

Orbán insisted that the Hungarian government had “responded to all claims” in the Sargentini report. He said 19 of those claims concerned contested procedures under way, while 13 concerned past procedures and 37 contained “factual mistakes”. 

Orbán: Sargentini Report Dishonours Hungary and the Hungarian People

The prime minister also said that the European Parliament had violated its own rules in approving the report. He argued that abstentions should have been counted as votes against the report and a two-thirds majority was therefore reached unlawfully. He called out the EP for sanctioning a country for supposedly ignoring the rule of law while disregarding its own rules.

Referring to Hungarian MEPs who backed the report, Orbán said he accepted that the opposition was embittered because it had lost three consecutive general elections. Sometimes in such cases emotions come to the fore, he said. “But it is appalling that the opposition cannot set aside its hatred of its domestic political rivals for the sake of the country,” he added.  “Anyone who hates their political opponents more than they love their country is in trouble.”

Orbán insisted that it was clear from the title of the report that it condemned Hungary rather than the Hungarian government.

Opposition Parties Blame Orbán or Hail EP for Sargentini Vote Outcome

He said that besides migration, the next European election would also concern “many hundred millions of euros” with which the EU was currently “supporting Soros organisations”. The European Commission, he insisted, funded “pseudo-civil” groups in Israel which “wage anti-Semitic campaigns against that very country”.

“It is a fact that the centre of modern anti-Semitism, where anti-Israel forces against Prime Minister Netanyahu are financed from, is in Brussels,” Orbán said. He added that this could not continue, and if it were up to Hungary, this situation would be changed in the May election. Hungary’s actions against anti-Semitism are a matter of humanity and honour, he said.

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