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New Opposition Pécs Mayor Says City Has Chance to Develop

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.10.14.

Attila Péterffy, the newly elected opposition mayor of the southern Hungarian city of Pécs, on Sunday said that with an opposition majority in the city council, the city would be put on a path of development.

Péterffy, who was elected mayor of Hungary’s 5th largest city as a candidate of the Everyone for Pécs Association with the backing of the opposition Democratic Coalition, Socialist Party, Jobbik and the Momentum Movement, thanked the voters who had expressed a desire for change.

He said one of his first acts as mayor would be to investigate the debt amassed by the local council in recent years. He said his further plans as mayor included fostering job creation, developing the tourism sector, improving housing conditions and public safety.

Péterffy had captured 53.11 percent of the vote with 92.14 percent of the votes counted.

Featured photo via Attila Péterffy’s Facebook page