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Delegates from six parties involved in opposition cooperation set up a committee for the 2021 opposition primary on Thursday.

The Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, Párbeszéd and the Socialists said in a joint statement that their leaders had decided to organize an opposition primary election in 2021 and the party delegates formed the OEVB committee for this purpose.

The six parties agreed last week about the key issues of the primary. To reach the highest possible turnout, they also agreed to be open to “involving reliable and well-established partner NGOs in organizing the event”, the statement said.

Opposition Parties Adopt Pre-election Code of Ethics
Opposition Parties Adopt Pre-election Code of Ethics

Heads of the six opposition parties in parliament adopted a code of ethics to govern the selection of candidates for next year’s general election, on Wednesday. According to a statement sent to MTI, the Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, the Socialist Party (MSZP), Momentum and Párbeszéd have formed an alliance to “remove a political culture […]Continue reading

The Civil Election Committee (CVB) played an important role in organizing primaries ahead the 2019 municipal elections and the six-party committee plans to rely on its experiences and special know-how, it said.

The opposition parties plan to hold a series of consultations with CVB and its member organizations about cooperation in the upcoming weeks, the statement added.

Featured photo via LMP’s Facebook page