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Opposition Parties Question Election Results

Hungary Today 2018.04.11.

Jobbik will request recount of the votes in the recent national election in constituencies where a violation of the rules is suspected, Jobbik spokesman Péter Jakab said.

Jakab said “public opinion” suggested that ruling Fidesz has faked the results and added that the choice for candidates of the governing parties was “whether to go to parliament or to prison”. He insisted that apart from using “all base means” such as “transporting voters, distributing food, threatening officials or ensuring fast crossing at the border for Hungarian citizens from Ukraine”

Fidesz also “received some extra assistance” from the National Election Office (NVI). The spokesman criticised the NVI because its server had broken down several times during the voting and preliminary results were not published “for hours” after the polls closed. He added that in the last half hour of the voting “some 170,000-180,000 votes disappeared”.

Jobbik leader Gábor Vona decided to leave politics after the elections. Photo: Kovács Tamás/ MTI.

Gyurcsány: DK rejects results

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) does not accept the outcome of Sunday’s general election, Ferenc Gyurcsány, the party’s leader, has said, alleging that “premeditated, conscious and malicious” voter fraud had been committed in the ballot. DK will issue requests for the handwritten minutes of each electoral district with a view to comparing them to the data published on the National Election Office’s (NVI) website, Gyurcsány told a press conference on Tuesday.

Gyurcsány also demanded recounts in all districts that did not have opposition delegates on their vote counting committees. He said DK also wanted to review the number of invalid votes cast according to the electoral districts’ minutes and which parties those votes would have been cast for. Further, DK intends to check whether there were any “unrealistic disproportions” between votes cast for party lists and individual candidates, he said.

Ferenc Gyurcsány , leader of Democratic Coalition (DK) at a press conference on Tuesday. Photo: Koszticsák Szilárd/ MTI.

Explaining his party’s position, Gyurcsány argued that “no credible explanation” had been given for the election office’s IT system crash on Sunday. Nor had any data been released to guarantee that fixes made to the system had not affected the data released to the public in connection with the election, he insisted. The former PM argued that the system crash prevented some voters from ordering mobile ballot boxes, which ruled out their participation in the election. He said it was “also suspicious” that in a number of districts, vote counting committee members had not been allowed to be present when the local result was recorded electronically.

Gyurcsány called the NVI’s three and-a-half-hour delay in publishing results “unacceptable”. The delay, he speculated, gave vote counting committees in certain polling stations hours to “manipulate the outcome of the election, and if needed, forge new votes”. He added that the NVI had also failed to give an explanation as to why the official turnout figure was lower when polls closed than half an hour earlier.

On another subject, Gyurcsány said it was “worth considering” opposition activist Márton Gulyás’s proposal for the opposition’s newly-elected lawmakers to refuse their parliamentary seats. He added, however, that such a move would only work if the entire opposition agreed to it.


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image via Varga György/ MTI