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Heads of the six opposition parties in parliament adopted a code of ethics to govern the selection of candidates for next year’s general election, on Wednesday.

According to a statement sent to MTI, the Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, the Socialist Party (MSZP), Momentum and Párbeszéd have formed an alliance to “remove a political culture based on divisions in society” and to build a “European republic in which fundamental freedoms, norms of the rule of law, and democracy are respected in all circumstances”.

The parties will conduct their campaign under the new code, and support the candidates selected, the statement said.

Under the code, nominees in the pre-selection process will respect each other’s human dignity and their privacy. Religious affiliation, marital status or sexual identity must not be involved in the campaign, nor should a nominee wage a smear campaign against other nominees, the statement said.

featured image via Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI