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Opposition Parties Criticise Orbán’s State-Of-The-Nation Address

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.10.

Speakers at a joint demonstration of the opposition parties criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s state-of-the-nation address and challenged him on the state of democracy in Budapest on Sunday.

About 1,000-1,500 demonstrators gathered in front of the President’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office in Buda Castle, with activists holding flags of the Socialist, DK, Jobbik and Momentum parties.

Zsolt Gréczy, parliamentary spokesman of the leftist opposition DK, said Viktor Orbán is Hungary’s dictator and Hungary’s form of government is dictatorship.

Opposition MPs in front of the PM’s Office in Buda Castle. Image via MTI/Zoltán Balogh

He said Orbán’s state-of-the-nation address ignored the deceived foreign currency loan holders, pensioners who do not receive their pension on time, and young people who cannot go to university to continue their education.

Péter Jakab, spokesman of Jobbik, said Orbán had “thrown ten thousand people out on the street” in three years, and “turned his childhood crony into the richest man in the country”. Jakab said the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) is sanctioning the opposition in order to prevent them from campaigning in the European parliamentary election and the municipal election, accusing Fidesz of preparing for election fraud.

Erzsébet Schmuck, deputy parliamentary leader of the green LMP, said Orbán had made a huge mistake by adopting the “slave law” because this meant turning against Hungarian workers.

She said the prime minister had announced his family policy measures because he had realised that he could not win the European parliamentary election by constantly talking about migrants.

Anett Bősz of the Liberals told her audience they needed to give courage and faith to those who were “trodden on” by the government, and to rebuild the rule of law and democracy.

Socialist MP Ildikó Borbély Bangó said members of the next generation will only be able to have a better life than their parents if they leave their country to study and build a future for themselves abroad.

Image via MTI/Zoltán Balogh

Balázs Nemes, spokesman of Momentum, said “hope is spreading” because “the Fidesz regime has already failed in the capital”, and first major cities, and later smaller towns will follow suit.

Independent MP Bernadett Szél said Orbán wants to see “a stupid country with dumbed-down subjects”, this is why he chased away the country’s best university and enchains the others or converts them into private universities that “only his cronies can afford”.

“The Hungarian Academy of Sciences was founded by the greatest Hungarian and the smallest Hungarian wants to put it in the grave,” she said.

Protesters marched over to the headquarters of the State Audit Office to continue the demonstration.

Representatives of the opposition parties said the governing Fidesz party is trying to use the office to hamper their activity by administrative means.

“Fidesz party headquarters”. Image via MTI/Balázs Mohai

At the end of the demonstration, protesters placed stickers with the words “Fidesz party headquarters” on the entrance of the ÁSZ headquarters.

featured image via MTI/Balázs Mohai