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Opposition Momentum Leader Takes Lie Detector Test

Hungary Today 2021.03.29.

A week ago, András Fekete-Győr, the candidate for prime minister of opposition Momentum, promised to undergo a polygraph test and answer some of the questions put to him in Facebook comments. Now that the questioning is concluded, Fekete-Győr shared a video of the process on Facebook.

“I am the first Hungarian politician to submit to a real, professional lie detector test in order to answer the most burning questions of pro-government and opposition voters,” Fekete-Győr wrote in his Facebook post.

Fekete- Győr also challenged Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to undergo a lie detector test.

According to the president of Momentum, the test was conducted by a lie detector professional with more than 20 years of experience. The test found no misleading answers to any of the questions, the video shows.

Momentum Leader Fekete-Győr to Run in Joint Opposition PM Primary
Momentum Leader Fekete-Győr to Run in Joint Opposition PM Primary

András Fekete-Győr, the leader of the Momentum party, will run in the primary for the joint opposition’s candidate for prime minister, the party said on social media on Sunday. Momentum said the 2022 general elections must “not only be about replacing [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán”. “We have an even more important task: to build a […]Continue reading

Fekete-Győr was asked eight questions. The questions were:

  • Have you ever received any financial support from George Soros or any of his organizations?
  • Were you [Momentum] collecting signatures for the Budapest Olympic referendum under the direction of foreign interests?
  • Has anyone paid you or Momentum to promote their opinion?
  • Do you hide anything from your past that would make you unfit to be nominated as a candidate for prime minister?
  • Have you or Momentum ever received instructions from Ferenc Gyurcsány?
  • Have you ever judged someone solely based on their origins, gender, or social identity?
  • Is the plan to enforce the current government’s accountability after the change in leadership simple campaign rhetoric?

The President of Momentum answered “no” to the above seven questions, and “yes” to the last one:

  • Would you declare that you and Momentum are really working for a change in government?

Fekete-Győr also explained why he decided to undergo the test.

“I submitted to a lie detector because it bothers me that the majority of people think of politicians as thieves, fraudsters, and lying personalities. I, on the other hand, represent a new political generation that never wants to steal, cheat, or lie. ”

Featured photo via Fekete-Győr’s Facebook page

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