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Opposition LMP (Politics Can Be Different) has changed its name to LMP – Hungary’s Green Party, co-leader Erzsébet Schmuck told a press conference on Saturday.

Schmuck said the party would use the shortened form Zöldek (Greens). She said the new name was aimed at sending the message that “there is a green party fighting for a liveable environment, one which is worth voting for”. The party will complete its green manifesto by mid-2020, she added.

Green Parties LMP and Párbeszéd to (Re)unite?

Participants in Saturday’s congress voted to change the party’s rules, Schmuck said, adding that the changes included a new recruitment system to “open up” the party and make its operations more effective.

The Greens are ready to cooperate with other opposition parties to replace the government in 2022 “so the country can go forward with green policies”, she said, adding that negotiations with the other parties may be launched in the summer.

The party’s other co-leader, János Kendernay, said the party’s congress has been convened in preparation for the 2022 elections as well as to evaluate the past one or two years. He said that there was “public demand” for a green party, adding that the Greens were “politically and morally obliged to meet it”.

Featured photo by Márton Mónus/MTI