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Opposition Holds Anti-Government Demonstration Across Hungary – Gallery!

Tamás Székely 2015.04.20.

Organisers estimated about two-three thousand people turned out for an anti-government demonstration in central Budapest and demonstrations were also held across the country on Sunday afternoon where speakers spoke out “against corruption on the level of the government”. The demonstration in the capital city that began at the Eiffel Palace office building near Nyugati railway station was organised by civil groups with support from opposition parties.

Among the speakers were lawyer Tamás Lattmann, who has been behind an initiative for 19 referendum questions to “disassemble the government”. He said it was the most important achievement of the past month that the National Election Committee approved for a referendum the initiative to make the asset declaration of not only politicians but family members they live together with public. Lattmann said he had turned to the supreme court, the Kúria, over the questions that the election committee had rejected. He expressed hope that after a favourable decision by the Kuria these can also be put to a referendum. Flags and signs by several opposition parties and organisations were held by participants in the demonstration, including the logos of Együtt (Together), DK, MoMa and Solidarity. The demonstrators marched to the headquarters of the central bank.

Anti-government demonstrations were also held in several cities across Hungary, including Miskolc, Győr, Pécs, Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Tatabánya, Székesfehérvár, Szekszárd, Kecskemét, Nyíregyháza, Szombathely, Szolnok, Eger, Szeged and Kaposvár. The parliamentary group of Fidesz said that the fight against corruption should be started by the left-wing among its own organisations. It said that the same people are still sitting in leading positions on the left who had been involved in the most corrupt government of all times.

via hungarymatters.hu; cover photo: János Marjai – MTI; slideshow photos: MTI