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Opposition DK’s Office Destroyed in Fire

The roof of a four-storey building in Budapest’s 6th district caught fire on Saturday afternoon, the Budapest Disaster Management Directorate said. The building houses the offices of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK).

The 400sqm roof structure of the building on the Teréz Ring Road was in flames and around 40 firefighters with ten vehicles have extinguished the fire.

There are no reports of injuries, Péter Kolozsi, deputy spokesman of the Budapest Disaster Management Directorate told MTI. The cause of the fire will be investigated, he added.

Earlier in the day an extractor fan in a restaurant kitchen located on the ground floor caught fire but this was extinguished by firefighters. It is not yet known whether the two fires are linked, Kolozsi said.

Sándor Rónai, DK’s spokesman, told MTI that the building houses the offices of DK parliamentary representatives and the party’s foundation, and the fire affected the floor where these offices are located. He said DK had no information about the cause or the circumstances of the fire. “There were no staff members in the offices at the time of the fire and we are not aware of any personal injuries,” the spokesman said.

He said later that all of DK’s offices had been destroyed by the fire which affected the building’s 5th floor. It has caused serious material damage but no personal injuries, Rónai added.

via MTI
featured photo by Zoltán Mihádák