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Opposition DK Mayors Protest Plans of ‘Selling Off’ Housing Stock

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.15.

Deputy mayor of Budapest Erzsébet Gy. Németh and the mayors of five districts delegated by the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) have protested a ruling Fidesz bill aimed at “selling off the municipal housing stock” for a “fraction” of their value.

The proposal, under which municipalities would be obliged to sell controlled rent properties to the tenants, would impact all local governments and “reduce to nil the municipal housing stock”, the mayors said in an open letter.

In addition to the proposal going against the constitution, it would deprive low earners of the benefit of community housing, the letter said.

Fidesz's New Bill on Sale of Council-Owned Properties Draws Criticism
Fidesz's New Bill on Sale of Council-Owned Properties Draws Criticism

A fresh draft bill by ruling Fidesz would enable current tenants of council properties to buy them at a fraction of their real value, without needing approval from the municipalities. The law has drawn criticism both from professional organizations and municipal leaders who say that it would further deepen the housing crisis, and dissolve the […]Continue reading

“The state is not constructing homes and municipalities will not be in a position to provide needy families decent housing,” the letter said and called for the withdrawal of the bill.

featured image: Budapest deputy mayor Erzsébet Gy. Németh; via Facebook