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Cinemas Go Outdoor after Coronavirus Scare

Csenge Schőnviszky 2020.07.06.

During summer when the sun goes down, movie maniacs conquer many of the city’s breezy hangouts to chill out and watch fascinating flicks and evergreen films under the stars.

Although this is not a new alternative in Hungary, as a result of the pandemic restrictions, new places have decided to offer an opportunity to watch movies under the stars. Several English-friendly movies are scheduled at these hotspots as long as the weather is suitable for outdoor gatherings.

In Budapest, there are three main places where movie fans can enjoy open-air cinemas. Budapest Rooftop Cinema (Lövőház Street 2-6., 1024 (4th floor)) screens movies with foreign-language audio and Hungarian subtitles.

Budapest Garden  (Árpád fejedelem útja 125., 1036) is the only place in Budapest where there is no entry fee. Although this venue is currently only screening Hungarian-language movies, Garden plans to screen movies in other languages soon.

People watch a movie at an open-air cinema in Budapest Garden. (Photo: via Budapest Garden’s Facebook page.)

Located on the other side of the Danube, Kultik Terasz, Corvin Plaza (Futó Street 37-45., 1083 (2nd floor)) is the most popular open-air cinema, where they screen both Hungarian- and foreign-language movies.

Due to the pandemic situation and social distancing restrictions, we may experience an open-air cinema peak in Hungary this summer, although probably a short-lived one, given that summer sadly does not last forever.

Besides open-air cinemas, another new cinema-alternative wave is peaking in Budapest, drive-in cinemas.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI.

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