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OPEL Receives Government Subsidy To Establish Training Centre In Hungary

Tamás Székely 2015.03.03.

The local unit of General Motors-owned carmaker Opel is getting a 154 million forint (EUR 507,000) subsidy for the establishment of a training centre at its base in Szentgotthárd, in west Hungary, the economy ministry said. As a result, the company can increase the number of apprentices by fifty and it will also add to the teaching staff. Opel announced the establishment of the 1.7 million euro training centre in Szentgotthárd on Friday.

In addition to the electricians and drilling mechanics, the enlarged and upgraded vocational training centre will also host courses for automation and mechatronic technicians. The company has pledged to use the facility for vocational training and keep the number of apprentices at a certain level for at least five years. Through this project, the company underpins the training of the future labour force and dual education in the Western Hungary region.

Opel Szentgotthárd Ltd has been producing car engines and components for more than 20 years. The company has placed strong emphasis on the high-level education of employees and the training of young labour force. Currently, 1,400 people work at the factory in Szentgotthárd, Western Hungary. According to a press release of Opel, the education centre will ensure professional training for about 100 students at once and also offer trainings for another 100 students in the dual education. The center is scheduled to open this fall.

via and MTI photo: Árpád Kurucz –