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Ongoing Search for Unexploded WW2 Bomb in River Danube

Hungary Today 2018.07.03.

Bomb disposal experts are searching the River Danube for a 100kg unexploded Soviet bomb from World War II. Reportedly, the bomb was found by civilian divers on Monday evening and presumably lying in the river bed near Elizabeth Bridge.

photo: Péter Lakatos / MTI

When the bomb is found, police are closing Elizabeth Bridge to allow the bomb to be removed from the river and be taken away. Areas at both ends of the bridge and in the 11th District, along the route where the explosive is planned to be taken away, will be closed off.

photo: Péter Lakatos / MTI

The embankments on both sides of the river will be closed for traffic. Five apartment blocks, the Rudas Baths and a part of the Várkert Bazár will be evacuated as well, the police headquarters announced on its website.

via MTI,