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Olympic Medalists’ One-off Prizes Significantly Increased by Gov’t

Hungary Today 2020.12.09.

Before the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, the government moved to raise the one-off rewards of those who place for medals at the Olympics. The athletes who manage to step up on the podium will receive around 40% more than beforehand.

Olympic champions will receive HUF 50 million (EUR 140,000) instead of HUF 35 million. Silver medalists will now earn HUF 37.5 million (EUR 100,000), while bronze medalists would get 28.5 million (EUR 80,000). Even those finishing 8th will seize HUF 2.8 million (EUR 7,800).

Likewise, those who make it to the podium in Olympics- qualifying competitions at European and World Championships could also bag considerably higher extras from now on. World Champions’ one-off allocation is now raised to HUF 6.2 million (EUR 17,400) from HUF 2 million, while that of the European Champions has been increased to HUF 3.7 million (EUR 10,400) from the original 1 million.

It was before the 2012 London Olympics since the one-off prizes have been raised.

featured image illustration via Tamás Kovács/MTI