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Declined Referendum On The Olympic Games Budapest 2024


The initiation of referendum about the planned Olympic Games in Budapest 2024 was sent in by Katalin Krisztina Erdélyi Although she is a pragmatic journalist of, Miss Erdélyi sent in the initiation as a personal individual. The question of the potential referendum sounded like this: “Do you agree to overrule the law no. LVIII (about the bidding and organizing of the XXXIII summer Olympic Games and XVII summer Paralympic Games) by the Parliament of Hungary.

The National Election Office declined the initiation for the referendum (votes, 9:2) on its board meeting at Wednesday. The Office alluded to that the question doesn’t fit to conditions of clarity and simplicity.


Hamburg withdrew their bid on account of a referendum held on November 29. Rome’s new mayor,Virginia Raggi, has decided to withdraw the city’s backing for a bid. Budapest is contending to host the 2024 Summer Olympics alongside Los Angeles, Paris.