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Olympic Champion Skater Banned For a Year After Offensive Post Against China

Fanni Kaszás 2020.02.06.

Back in December, arriving at the World Cup Series in Shanghai and enraged at the long wait at the airport, Hungarian short track speed skater Csaba Burján, member of the Olympic champion team, posted an offensive post on Instagram about China. Now a decision has been made on the matter and Burján is banned for a year because of his post on social media. 

The Olympic champion short track speed skater captured the frustrating moments of waiting at the airport and the enormous crowd on December 3rd, and posted it with an offensive caption against the Chinese on his Instagram page, saying “F*ckin China”.

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The original post quickly disappeared from the page, and Csaba Burján apologized – but after the offensive statement, the skater was immediately ordered back home from Shanghai.

Chinese head coach of the Hungarian team, Cheng Qing Lina, resigned from her position when she saw the post. Lina told Chinese television company CGTN that she “can’t tolerate that a Hungarian speed skater, who is also an Olympic champion, is making racist comments about China. I offered my resignation.” However, the head coach’s resignation was not accepted by the board of the Hungarian Association (MOKSZ), which decided to penalize the athlete.

The head coach answered the questions of Nemzeti Sport after the European Championship in Hungary. Back then, she said that she felt trust, yet it is still not decided whether she would remain in the position: “It’s a difficult question. It has not been decided yet. I just concentrate on my work now and I want to do it the best.”

At the request of team leader Ákos Bánhidi, the Hungarian National Skating Association initiated disciplinary proceedings against Burján, and the Ethics and Discipline Committee made its decision.

According to the statement of MKOSZ, Burján was banned by the Commission as a disciplinary sanction for one year from participating in the short track speed skating team, national team trainings and training camps, as well as any competitions on the MOKSZ racing calendar.

As the sportsman was suspended on December 5th, his penalty will expire on December 5, 2020. Burján can appeal the decision within the next 15 days.

featured photo: hunskate.hu

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