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Oliver Stone’s Snowden Movie Is The Best Advertisement For The Rubik’s Cube Yet – Trailer!

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.05.03.

The first trailer of Academy Awards-winning Oliver Stone’s feature film on the life of Edward Snowden, the American man who leaked classified National Security Agency (NSA) documents in 2013, is the ultimate publicity campaign for the Rubik’s Cube, one of the most famous Hungarian inventions globally.

The movie, which was shot on a budget of almost 50 million dollars, is expected to debut on 16 September in US cinemas. From the Hungarian point of view, the movie’s recently released first trailer is probably the best advertisement for the Rubik’s Cube yet. Watch the 2:38 minute clip to learn why:

Snowden’s character is played by US actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Hollywood action thriller, which will also feature the roles of director and producer of documentary films Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who was the first to uncover the surveillance scandal.

So far, the trailer has clocked up over 6 million views on YouTube.

The three-dimensional logical game was invented by Hungarian designer and university lecturer Ernő Rubik – whom it takes an average of one minuten to solve the cube – in 1974. It proceeded to win a number of international prizes and 350 million examples have been sold internationally.

The cube’s importance in pop culture is well demonstrated by its appearance in the opening scene of the British cult series This Is England in the company of other objects typical of the period.

via mno.hu