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Gourmet Minutes: Old School Strudels, Modern Interior – Strudel Hugo Opens in Budapest’s Party District

Fanni Kaszás 2017.11.09.

Strudel Hugo just opened on the corner of the Wesselényi and Kertész utca, close to the Grand Boulevard and the heart of the party district.

The owner, András Nagy, graduated as an economist, but worked in media for years before, at a festival one day, he got the idea of opening a strudel place. Strudel Hugo, Nagy’s creation, is named after the building’s former resident, the painter Hugo Scheiber.

András is not the only person in Budapest who has pursued baking as a second career path: there seems to be a tendency of career men to leave their jobs as bankers, economists and solicitors to open their own places – for example Misi Juhász, the baker behind Jacques Liszt, who left his solicitor job at a multinational company to open his bakery.

Although Strudel Hugo opened recently, it already has its regulars. The shop offers a variety of sweet and sour strudels, as well as a charming interior with neon signs.

Thanks to the giant windows of the place, during the day you can enjoy your strudel in the sunshine, or take a peek behind the counter, where the strudels are made, while in the evenings you can watch the busy junction over your pastry.

They have both salty and sweet strudels. These include the classics, such as cherry, and more extravagant versions such as spinach and egg, or chicken and vegetable.

András said: “I did not even think that there was so much to do with a place like this. The easiest part is the baking: stretching-filling-baking, done. The real challenges were finding the ingredients, and figuring out how to place an order”

The price of the strudels – 350 HUF (1,5 EUR) -, the atmosphere, and the kindness of the owner have quickly made the place a must-go.


photos: Peter Csakvari

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