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Old New Year’s Eves in Hungary Listening to Radio and Watching Black-and-white TVs – Photos!

Hungary Today 2020.12.31.

Unfortunately, in addition to this Christmas, the coronavirus pandemic will also stamp its mark on New Year’s Eve. As the restrictions in Hungary will remain in effect on the last day of the year as well, it is likely that instead of a crowded party, most people will say goodbye to 2020 at home, together only with their close family members. As saddening as it may sound to some, barely a few decades ago it wasn’t uncommon for people to stay home on New Year’s Eve, listening to the radio or watching TV all night. So we decided to collect photos that enable us to catch a glimpse into what the traditional New Year’s Eve TV and radio cabarets and other shows looked like.

Recording of the song ‘Brown Mermaid’ by actor Irén Psota for the 1959 New Year’s Eve show. Photo: Fortepan/Rádió és Televízió Újság

Scene from the revue film Hit Museum, which aired on Hungarian television’s 1963 New Year’s Eve show. Pictured0: actors Imre Ráday and Irén Psota. Photo: Fortepan/Hangosfilm

The studio of the Hungarian Radio, BÚÉK 1965! Actors Imre Sinkovits and Iván Darvas on the Radio’s New Year’s Eve show. Photo: Fortepan/ Zoltán Szalay

Recording of Hungarian Radio’s New Year’s Eve show BÚÉK – 1966! . Pictured: actor Tamás Major. Photo: Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

Hungarian Radio and Hungarian Television’s 1970 New Year’s Eve competition called Null: Nulla. Pictured: comedian Géza Hofi. Photo: Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

One of the Kessler twins with Imre Antal and Tamás Vitray, on Hungarian television’s 1972 New Year’s Eve show. Photo: Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

BÚÉK 1974! New Year’s Eve premiere of the Radio Cabaret Theater. Pictured: actors Zoltán Gera and László Kazal. Photo: Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

BÚÉK 1979! The New Year’s Eve program of the 10-year-old Cabaret Theater. Actors Tamás Major and Irén Psota. Photo: Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

New Year’s Eve radio program ‘Rádiószilveszter’ in 1986. Editors Tivadar Farkasházy (with mustache) and Péter Sinkó (in tie) in the middle.

Featured photo via Fortepan/Zoltán Szalay

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