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Clunkers Or Antiques? – The Majority Of Hungarians Drive Cars That Are More Than Ten Years Old

By Robert Velkey // 2017.06.29.

Almost three-fourths of Hungarian households have cars that are more than ten years old, a representative survey commissioned by car parts company Bárdi Autó shows.

The survey, conducted by Trend International, covered 1,000 people with at least one vehicle in their household. It excluded company cars. It showed that just 7% of Hungarians drive a car that is less than five years old, while the cars of 21% are between six and ten years old. About 35% of the households’ cars are between 11 and 15 years old and 37% are older.

The average age of the households’ cars is 13.7 years, according to the survey. About 68% of the cars households purchased were bought used.