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Govt Official: Three Seas Initiative in Keeping with Hungary’s Regional Policy

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.05.12.

The Three Seas Initiative is fully in keeping with Hungary’s regional policy as it aims to boost economic prosperity, which is needed for the long-term stability of central Europe, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee said on Wednesday.

Zsolt Németh, of ruling Fidesz, said after a meeting of the committee that the Three Seas cooperation had been established on Poland’s initiative, with Hungary’s support. The cooperation is not in contrast with the Visegrad Group but supplements it, he added.

The initiative aims to boost economic prosperity in central and eastern Europe by developing economic, transport and digital infrastructure, he said. An investment fund has been set up in the framework of the initiative and Hungary is a participant. The previous US administration made a 300 million dollar offer to the fund and it is important that the current administration should maintain that offer, he added.

Foreign Minister Szijjártó: Hungary Submits Project Proposals for Three Seas Investment Fund
Foreign Minister Szijjártó: Hungary Submits Project Proposals for Three Seas Investment Fund

Hungary has joined the Three Seas Investment Fund and submitted proposals for 16 projects covering the areas of digitalisation, shipping and energy, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said at an online meeting of foreign ministers focusing on the Three Seas Initiative on Thursday. Szijjártó said at the meeting, the video of which he posted on Facebook, […]Continue reading

Another topic discussed at the foreign affairs committee meeting was a review of British foreign affairs, security, defence and international development policy and the future of Hungary-UK relations. Britain has defined its strategic framework with a focus on soverignty, security and economic prosperity, which is in keeping with Hungary’s approach, he said.

He said it was regrettable that the UK had left the European Union because in many issues it had very similar positions to Hungary. At the same time, it is important that in the new situation when the UK places its relations with EU members on a bilateral basis, new opportunities are sought and emphasis is placed on attracting attention to central Europe and the V4, he added. As a result, the parliamentary foreign affairs committee heads are organising a meeting between the Visegrad Group and the UK during Hungary’s presidency of the V4, he said.

Németh said the committee meeting had also discussed a political declaration about Hungary’s 2021 Council of Europe Committee of Ministers’ presidency, whose priorities will include the protection of national minorities, the promotion of inter-religious dialogue, the issue of future generations and family protection, the human rights aspects of artificial intelligence and human rights issues of a healthy natural environment.

Featured photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI