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It’s Official: Police Have Caught The Suspect Of Budapest Bomb Attack – Video!

By Tamás Székely // 2016.10.20.

Hungarian authorities have confirmed the press reports about a young man, who has been detained on suspicion of carrying out a bomb attack in central Budapest last month in which two police officers were injured. He is the only suspect of the case, reporters have been told at a news conference held jointly by the heads of the Chief Prosecutors’s Office, the Hungarian Police and the Counter-Terrorism Center on Thursday morning.

We are proud of our policemen, and thank them for the work they’ve carried out. They have proved that Hungary is a safe place, where crimes cannot go unpunished. (PM Viktor Orbán on his official Facebook page)

Chief prosecutor Tibor Keresztes said the man is a Hungarian citizen but not from the Budapest. He was arrested by anti-terrorist (TEK) squads in the town of Keszthely at 4:09 pm on Wednesday, was detained on suspicion of the attempted murder of several people and of abuse of explosives. Keresztes declined to comment on the man’s motive and declined to give any further details about him. Keresztes said the man, who has no previous criminal record, has not make a confession yet.

Budapest, 2016. október 20. Keresztes Imre fõügyész, a Központi Nyomozó Fõügyészség vezetõje (k), Papp Károly altábornagy, országos rendõrfõkapitány (j3) és Hajdu János, a Terrorelhárító Központ (TEK) fõigazgatója (j) sajtótájékoztatót tart a Központi Nyomozó Fõügyészségen 2016. október 20-án a Teréz körúti robbantás feltételezett elkövetõjének elfogásáról. Elõre kitervelten, több emberen, hivatalos személy sérelmére elkövetett emberölés kísérletével és robbanóanyaggal visszaéléssel gyanúsított meg a Központi Nyomozó Fõügyészség egy magyar állampolgárságú, ezidáig büntetlen elõéletû fiatalembert a Teréz körúti robbantással összefüggésben. MTI Fotó: Szigetváry Zsolt

Károly Papp (left), Tibor Keresztes (middle) and János Hajdu (right) at the joint press conference

Hungarian police chief Károly Papp said the condition of the injured 23-year-old female policewoman and her 26-year-old male colleague is improving, hopefully they can return to work in a few months time. Police received more than 1000 calls from civilians in connection with the bomb attack, however, the 10 million forints reward will not be paid to anyone as the suspect was caught as a result of “classic police investigation.” TEK chief János Hajdu said the counter-terrorist forces carried out several actions across the country on Wednesday, but only some of them are connected to the case of the Budapest blast. Hajdu has refused to disclose more details about yesterday’s TEK actions but shared a video about the arrest of the suspect:

via Reuters and MTI; video made by TEK, published by; photos: Zsolt Szigetváry – MTI