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OECD: 7,2% Of Hungarian Employees Struggling To Survive Below Poverty Line

By Tamás Székely // 2015.08.26.

The percentage of Hungarian workers with income below the relative poverty line, or 50% of the median income, is 7.2, business news portal said citing fresh OECD data. Hungary is directly behind Norway, where 6.7% of workers make less than half of the median income.



Hungary is second among the Visegrad Four countries, trailing only the Czech Republic, where income poverty is at 4.7% , OECD said. No less than 8% of workers make less than half of the median income in Slovakia, with the figure being 9.2% in Poland, the data show. The highest percentage–19.0–was reported from Mexico, and the lowest one–3.0–from Germany.

via, and photo: photo: Victor Tonelli – OECD –