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Obama Relates ‘Republican Deterioration of Democracy’ to Hungary

Tamás Vaski 2021.06.09.

Barack Obama has related the road to a non-democratic America to what he believes was the road that could be seen in Hungary and Poland.

The former president of the United States gave an interview to CNN, in which he described the Republican Party as thinking of democracy in a way that was unacceptable even five years ago.

Specifically, Obama said that it must be recognized that America will not become undemocratic in a big boom, but that the road will be paved with multiple steps. As examples, he brought up Hungary and Poland, referring, in Hungary’s case, to the Orbán government.

Obama Says Hungarian Gov't Undemocratic, Likens Orbán to Duterte
Obama Says Hungarian Gov't Undemocratic, Likens Orbán to Duterte

In an interview with Daily Show host Trevor Noah, former US president Barack Obama referred to Hungary as having a top-down, hierarchical regime which treats its citizens as inferior, hvg.hu reports. The online interview centered around Obama’s recently published memoir, “A Promised Land”, focusing on his political career and presidency. The book is aimed towards […]Continue reading

Obama’s interview is timely, since the United States Senate is currently discussing a bill intended to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, which resulted in the death of five people.

One of the aspects motivating the attackers were Donald Trump’s statements regarding the election which he lost against Joe Biden, saying without proof that they were manipulated and rigged.

FM Szijjártó: Hungary Open to Cooperation with Biden, Demands Respect
FM Szijjártó: Hungary Open to Cooperation with Biden, Demands Respect

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told EuroNews that Hungary is open to cooperation with the United States if Joe Biden is willing to show more respect towards the Hungarian government. The Hungarian government openly supported Donald Trump during the last election. Their intentions behind this are sound, since they had much better relations with the US […]Continue reading

Obama’s statements in the interview refer to the Republic senators who have chosen to block the bill, and he describes them as being forced to accept the party’s stance due to the risk of losing their position. Similar instances of this, Obama said, could be found following the Capitol Hill riots, when some Republicans condemned the attacks, then “poof, suddenly everybody was back in line.”

Featured photo via CNN