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Nyíregyháza Zoo Named Europe's Best In 250 000 – 500 000 Visitor Category


Nyíregyháza Zoo in the northeastern Hungarian city has come first in a tie with two Danish zoos in the category comprising zoos with between 250 000 and 500 000 visitors a year at an international competition, Ferenc Kovács, the city’s mayor, announced together with park director László Gajdos at a press conference yesterday.


In the same category, Szeged Wildlife Park in the southern Hungarian city came twenty-sixth and Veszprém Zoo thirty-third. In the category for zoos with over one million visitors a year, Vienna came first, while the Budapest Zoo and Bothanical Garden – the only animal park in this category – was ranked fourteenth on the list, compiled by a foundation run by zoo expert Anthony Sheridan, along forty points of consideration. The total of 100 zoos across the continent were grouped into four categories, based on the number of visitors per year.


Speaking at the press conference, zoo director Mr. Gajdos said that being included in the rating system is a major achievement on its own for an institution. The foundation assessed European zoos according to a complicated system of criteria, which extended to pedagogical, conservation, financial and marketing activities carried out by the given institution.


The zoo’s spectacularly high score is down to its large collection of rare animal species and the significant number and share of visitors from both inland and abroad; figures for the running year put the number of Hungarian guests at around 250 000, while foreign visitors – most of whom came from Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine – number at around 180-200 000, Mr. Gajdos said, adding that the surprise win saw Nyíregyháza Zoo beat the better-known animal parks at Salzburg and Plzen.

In the category between 500 000 and 1 million visitors, in which there was no Hungarian contender, the zoos at Rostock, Frankfurt and Münster were ranked in the first three positions. In the group comprising zoological gardens attracting over 1 million guests annually, Vienna was followed by Leipzig and Zürich in second and third place respectively.

via MTI
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