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Number of Students Accepted to Universities up from 2017

Hungary Today 2018.07.26.

Hungarian universities and colleges accepted 75,230 students this year, 2,500 more than in 2017, the human resources ministry’s deputy state secretary for higher education told public television on Thursday.

The higher education institutions announced their acceptance thresholds late on Wednesday. The most popular faculties are technical and information technology courses. Medical courses had the sixth place, while nurse and teacher training were among the 15 most popular, Zita Horváth said. The courses’ popularity mirrors the government’s strategy for higher education, she said.

Koloman Brenner, MP of the opposition nationalist Jobbik party, called on the government to give up its “anti-intelligentsia” policies and increase higher education spending. Speaking at a press conference, Brenner insisted that Hungary’s ratio of university graduates was among the lowest in the European Union, while, as he said, the number of students in higher education was shrinking.

Jobbik demands that an independent education ministry should be set up, the government should ensure more places in state-financed higher education and more scholarships, Brenner said and also called for higher pay for lecturers in higher education.


via MTI

image via Márton