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“Now we” – Anti-Government Protest Took Place In Budapest

Tamás Székely 2015.01.03.

Around 5000 protesters gathered on Friday evening in front of Budapest’s Opera House to protest against Viktor Orbán’s government and its controversial social, foreign and economic policies. Protesters also expressed anger at the whole political elite, accusing them of failing to take Hungary forwards in the quarter of a century since the fall of communism. The event was held on the anniversary of an anti-government demonstration held at the same place three years ago.

Zsolt Várady -  (photo: János Marjai - MTI)

Zsolt Várady – (photo: János Marjai – MTI)

The demonstration was organised by Zsolt Várady, founder of a one-time social media website iWiW and current leader of the so-called “MostMi” (Now we) social movement and fb page. “I think it is important for people to demonstrate,” the rally organizer and activist Várady said in his speech from a stage set up on the famous Andrássy Avenue for the protest. “The politicians have gone far away from reality. They don’t seem to represent the public’s views”, he told. Supporters of the different left wing opposition parties attended the event but the opposition politicians did not have the opportunity to speak. “We condemn the parties of the last 25 years… We cannot expect the state to think for us”, Zsolt Várady said.

Rallies against PM Viktor Orbán’s right wing government have been held regularly over the past few months, sparked by a failed government attempt to tax Internet use, Hungary’s increasingly close economic ties with Russia, and suspected corruption among top officials, AP reported. Meanwhile the struggling left wing opposition parties try to ride the waves of protests, which causes tensions between anti-government protesters. Organisers of the demonstration now calling another protest for 1st of February, the day before German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Budapest.

via MTI, AP and news.yahoo.com photos: Tamás Kovács and János Marjai – MTI