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Novák: Fidesz ‘Cannot Stay’ If EPP Moves to The Left

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.03.25.

Fidesz “cannot stay in the European People’s Party” if the EPP moves to the left “instead of representing our traditional values,” Katalin Novák, the ruling party’s deputy leader in charge of foreign affairs, told the daily Magyar Hírlap in an interview published on Saturday.

“We’ve moved apart but we’re not yet divorced,” she said, referring to talks between Fidesz and the rest of the EPP in Brussels last week.

Novák said there was no point in talking about ultimatums in connection with the EPP’s decision to freeze Fidesz’s voting rights among other measures.

“We’re not in a subordinate relationship,” she said. “That’s why we’ve said we could not have been suspended or excluded beyond our will.”

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“In Brussels, we gave each other a chance to assess what outlook we have for the future,” she added.

Novák said EPP group leader Manfred Weber’s conditions of ending the poster campaign and making an apology had been met, but the issue of the Central European University was not a “decisive issue” in the EPP-Fidesz relationship. “Fidesz will examine the proposal” regarding the CEU, she added.

No commission of inquiry making a unilateral decision would be arriving in Hungary, she said, adding the two sides would “continue to engage in dialogue”. “The situation is like in a marriage when the relationship gets to the point that things must be thought through,” Novák said.

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After May, Fidesz will assess in which political community it can best represent the interests of Hungarians. “This will determine what political community we’ll belong to.”

She said the possibility “cannot be excluded” that Fidesz would continue to work inside the EPP. But the big question, she added, was whether “member parties cotton on that turning to the left means losing”.

The EPP, she said, only had a future as a right-wing party alliance, and if it moved further to the left, Fidesz would have no place in it.

Novák said that hopefully other EPP members would no longer single Fidesz out but address the electorate instead and say what Europe they want: “whether to say yes or no to mass immigration, or the family and Christianity.”

featured image: Katalin Novák; via Tibor Illyés/MTI