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Nostalgic Train Journey Cancelled due to Driver Feud

Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.05.

On Monday, a train driver left his locomotive in the middle of a suburban train station in Pécs, after receiving news that he was fired, due to a recent feud with another driver over which of them would drive a Swedish old-timer. Other trains had to bypass the Nohab locomotive for 15 hours, because it requires special training to operate.

The veteran Swedish Nohab locomotive was set for a nostalgic journey last weekend, but two of the Hungarian Railway Service’s locomotive drivers had a fight over who would drive the old-timer.


Twenty years ago, the MÁV M61 004 Nohab locomotive suffered an accident at Badacsonylábdihegy. On Sunday, the anniversary of the accident, MÁV planned to set the Swedish-made diesel locomotive (No. 017) on the lead of the 8:55 train from Székesfehérvár to Tapolca as part of a nostalgic journey.

According to RTL Klub, one of the drivers locked himself into the cabin and did not let his colleague in, although he was sent there to drive the locomotive. In the end, no one drove the train and the nostalgic journey was cancelled. As a result, the channel reported that MÁV will probably fire one of the drivers.

Apparently, the locomotive driver held responsible received the news that he would be fired soon before he had to drive a locomotive. After receiving the news, he stopped and left the car in the middle of the main track on the railway in a suburban station in Pécs. The Nohab locomotive requires special training to operate and there was no qualified driver in Pécs to move it. For this reason, passenger trains could not pass straight through the station; instead, they had to bypass it for the next 15 hours. After two drivers arrived from Budapest, the main track was finally clear again from Tuesday midday.