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No Shopping Disruptions After Appearance of Coronavirus

Hungary Today 2020.03.06.

Since residents made preparations earlier, the appearance of the coronavirus in Hungary hasn’t resulted in major problems in trade, pro-gov’t daily Magyar Nemzet wrote, in reference to the report of the Hungarian Trade Association (OKSZ).

According to wire service MTI’s summary, the numbers of shoppers on Thursday wasn’t at all as high as in the last days of last week. Market operators only randomly detected an increase in demand for certain commodities, but at a pace not higher than before. In general, sales volume was lower on Thursday, according to the report.

After the announcement, the sale of cleaning products, disinfectants, larger packs and packaged hygienic products increased in stores. While shortage of these items is still possible, the demand for preserved foods and raw materials was more moderate.

“Companies experienced only a moderately increased demand – consumers were rather sensible. Shops constantly took care to stock their shelves. (…) Supply is organized and stable in the country, the general secretary of OKSZ György Vámos said.

He also noted that stockpiles have also been surveyed, and long-term stock shortages are not to be expected, only in extreme cases, which can happen if the supply of an item is exhausted.

“We continue to encourage our customers to shop conscientiously and to avoid the accumulation of unreasonable amounts of food,” stressed Vámos.

featured image: Hungary Today