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A Republican Behind the Iron Curtain: Nixon’s Trip to Budapest in 1963 in Color

Balázs Frei 2020.11.10.

Even before Joe Biden spent his honeymoon in Hungary in the late 1970s, Richard Nixon visited the country with his family in the early 1960s.  

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library two years ago, and chronicles the Nixon family’s visit to Switzerland and Hungary between July 14-16, 1963, in color. Recently, pro-government news outlet Mandiner drew attention to it, sharing this snippet of the life of the 37th President of the United States from before he was elected.

By that time, Nixon had already spent eight years as Eisenhower’s Vice President, lost a bid for the presidency in 1961 against J.F.K., as well as an election for the governorship of California against Pat Brown in 1962. He traveled to Europe with his family in 1963.

Bidens Spent Honeymoon in Hungary Long Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Bidens Spent Honeymoon in Hungary Long Before the Fall of the Berlin Wall

President-elect Joe Biden spent his honeymoon with First-Lady-to-be Jill Biden in Hungary in 1977. The couple visited Budapest and lake Balaton after their wedding under the auspices of an unconventional honeymoon, bringing along Joe Biden’s two sons from his first marriage, Beau and Hunter. According to Charles Gati, a professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School […]Continue reading

In the footage shot in Budapest, the city’s sorry state in the wake of the 1956 revolution is plain to see. Indeed, many blemishes remained all the way from the Second World War, nearly twenty years prior.

Even though the Cold War was in full swing at the time, in the video the former U.S. Vice President seems to be strolling along without a care in the world in Soviet Hungary.

Featured photo was taken from the footage.