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Night of Baths Festival


Friday August 1 marks the fifth Night of Baths, a program where baths, bathhouses and spas of Hungary stay open all night. The event is organized by the Hungarian Baths Association (Magyar Fürdőszövetség), and about 50.000 visitors are expected countrywide.

Baths and spas of Hungary await visitors with special programs, longer opening hours and discount entry fees. According to the Hungarian Baths Association, 49 baths are planning to participate in the event. With only 40 bathhouses joining the program in 2013, the Night of Baths program is gradually spreading all across Hungary.

The official event page noted that the August 1 date has a special significance, as in August, on this particular hot eve many falling stars can be seen, making the Night of Baths a unique experience. The vast majority of bathhouses is set to stay open until midnight, with some places planning to stay open until 2 or even 4 in the morning. The complete program and the list of participating bathhouses can be seen on the official page of the program.

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