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Nézőpont Survey: Most Central Europeans are Critical, But Still Support EU Membership

By Abraham Vass // 2018.01.15.

Almost three quarters (73%) of Central Europeans support EU membership, but 49% are dissatisfied with EU leaders and 53% believe that things are heading in the wrong direction, a representative survey released by the pro-government Nézőpont Institute shows.

The Institute surveyed 1,000 voting-age adults in each of the 11 countries in the region, including Hungary.

The survey’s results show that those most dissatisfied with Brussels are Slovaks (71%), Czechs (69%) and Germans (58%), followed by Hungarians (57%). Those most satisfied are Romanians (58%), Slovenians and Poles (49% both).

Graph: Nézőpont Institute

18% of the respondents would back their country leaving the EU. A vast majority of Austrians (86%) and Poles (84%) are in favour of EU membership, while 71% of Hungarians favor remaining in the bloc as well. Just 14% of Hungarians believe that their country should quit the alliance. In comparison, 31% of Czechs, 25% of  Croatians and 23% of Germans and Austrians, respectively, think the same.

Fully 53% of all respondents are pessimistic about the overall direction of developments in the bloc, and only 40% are satisfied with it, the survey shows. Most pessimistic in this regard are the Slovaks (69%) and the Hungarians (68%), followed by the Czechs (64%), while most optimistic are Romanians (57 %) and Serbs (52 %).

via image via Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images