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Nézőpont Poll: 80% Of Hungarians Against Mandatory EU Migrant Quotas

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.03.01.

A full 80 per cent of Hungarians reject the distribution of asylum-seekers arriving to Europe between member-states based on a quota system, a survey conducted by the pollster Nézőpont Institute on a sample of 1000 respondents reveals. According to the research, the majority of even backers of left-wing parties are also against the quota system.

Within the four-fifths of Hungarians who oppose the EU’s migrant quotas, the majority – 62 per cent – are “completely” against the plan, according to the representative public opinion survey. Only 4 per cent of the population are fully in support of the proposal, with a further ten per cent being rather in favour of the quota system. Even among backers of left-wing opposition parties – MSZP, DK, Együtt and PM -, those rejecting the proposal are, at 55 per cent, in a majority compared to the supporters of the plan (42 per cent). In conclusion, the pro-government think tank and pollster points out that the rejection of mandatory resettlement quotas “has become a national issue regardless of party affiliation”.

The poll carries a 3.2 per cent maximum margin of error.

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that he is initiating a popular referendum on the European Union’s proposed mandatory migrant quotas. A recent survey by rival pollster Századvég revealed that fully 84% of Hungarians would reject the EU’s mandatory migrant quotas in a referendum while 10% would approve the scheme,

via mandiner.hu
photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI