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Nézőpont Institute: Majority in V4 Countries Rejects Migration

Hungary Today 2018.12.13.

Some 35 million of the 53 million citizens in the Visegrad Group reject the EU’s quota system to resettle migrants in member states, and 41 million are dissatisfied with EU migration policy, a poll conducted by the Hungarian pro-government Nézőpont Institute showed.

The survey, conducted between October 16 and 30 by phone, on a sample of 1,000 people in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary each, reflected support for the V4’s migration policy, and confidence in the group during negotiations on the humanitarian visa in the EP and the Global Migration Compact in the UN, the pollster said.

Regarding resettlement quotas for asylum seekers within the EU, 78 percent of Hungarians, 68 percent of Poles, 80 percent of Slovaks and 83 percent of Czechs rejected the proposal, the survey showed.

Pew Research Center: Hungarians Want Fewer or No Immigrants to Move to Their Country

The EU’s migration policy was rejected by 75 percent of Poles, 76 percent of Hungarians, 77 percent of Czechs and 79 percent of Slovaks.

A record 85 percent of Hungarians approve of the border fence erected on the country’s southern border in answer to the 2015 migration crisis. Fully 52 percent of Polish respondents, 71 percent of Czechs and 72 percent of Slovaks agree with Hungary’s way of handling the migration crisis, the pollster said.

via MTI
featured photo by Zoltán Gergely Kelemen/MTI