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The Next Movie Of Oscar-Awarded László Nemes Got Prominently Great Support From The Hungarian National Film Fund

Robert Velkey 2017.01.10.

In 2016 ‘Son of Saul,” the Hungarian Holocaust drama from first-time feature director László Nemes, has sensationally won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. The great director didn’t stop working and now László Nemes’s group is ready to start  capturing Sunset, a movie about the heydays of Budapest.

Budapest 1910. Iris (21) exits the orphanage where she was raised to become a seamstress. With plans of immigrating to New York City, she heads to a ladies hat store which once belonged to her late parents and is now run by their former associate, Oszkár. Since Iris has no place to stay before her departure, she is offered shelter in a vacant room behind store. In the middle of the night, a threatening man bursts in, looking for a man named Kálmán. Iris finds out Kálmán is her brother but her investigation leads her to a nightmarish cabaret where Kálmán stays surrounded by a gang of outcasts.


As we dive into the world of a seemingly naive and innocent creature, we discover everything with her in an organic way. Therefore, a more volatile, subjective flow of information reaches the viewer, as the coming-of-age story turns into a darker tale of decay, reflecting the fate of the 20th century.

None of any Hungarian movies got as much support from the Hungarian National Film Found as the Sunset. The planned budget of the movie is nearly € 4.000.000.  According the plans the shooting will start this spring and the movie will hit cinemas in 2018.