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Your Next Favourite Spot – Tü Tü, Haven Of Fruit Juice Fans

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.05.

We all know that our bodies need the largest amounts of vitamins in the coldest winter days, so if you crave for some freshly-pressed fruit and vegetable juice after festive feasts, head to Tü Tü, the latest healthy haunt in town!

The cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice takeaway bar, which also offers coffee, green coffee and organic coffee and is located in Budapest’s Újlipótváros, a trendy neighbourhood not far from the Pest bridgehead of the Margaret Bridge, was introduced to Hungarian readers a couple of days ago by Nóra Bánhidi, author of the PandAnte blog, which she describes as “[about] a host of Hungarian designers, innovative ideas, places and designs, because I want to inspire people with these to find the ‘gift’ of theyselves, meaning what they are most creative in”.

Drinks reccommended in the blog piece include a “shot” of a mixture of couch grass and apple juice, a pomegranate “vitamin bomb” and the “flu killer”, a mix of lemon, grapefruit and ginger juice served as a hot lemonade, not to mention the rather unusual variety of spinach, banana and coconut juice mixed together.

Other surprise tastes you may find include grape-spinach-pear and avocado-lime-parsley. The environmentally conscious bar appreciates if you take your own jar to fill up… A great place to begin the day or to pop into during lunch-break!

Budapest 1137, Pozsonyi út 41.

phone number: +36 30 410 8737

Monday-Sunday 7 am – 19 pm

via pandarte.blog.hu
photo: TüTü Facebook



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