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New Topics of Govt’s National Consultation Survey Revealed

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.06.05.

Last week, Viktor Orbán announced the launch of a new public survey dubbed ’national consultation,’ and revealed some of the topics the government would like to ask Hungarian people about. Later, the survey’s four new topics were also uncovered, appearing amongst a total of 13 questions. It was also revealed that people will have time until August 15th to fill out and send the sheets back.

The government finalized the issues on the ’national consultation’ sheets, while the first four topics were presented by Csaba Dömötör, State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday, reports.

According to the politician, the first question of the survey focuses on the safety measures Hungarian people would support in case of a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. There will be a total of nine response options from the use of masks, to the introduction of a curfew.

The second question asks residents whether the epidemic preparedness should be maintained as long as there is a risk of a second wave.

The third topic is about the protection of nursing homes, while the fourth question concerns the issue of protective gear, of which there is a significant shortage all over the world, and whether to strengthen its production capacity in Hungary. Some questions would also cover economic issues, with special regard to job creation.

Orbán: New National Consultation on Coronavirus and Economic Measures to Be Launched

On Thursday, the State Secretary told public broadcaster M1 that residents have until August 15th to contribute their feedback to the government’s survey.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced last Friday the launch of the latest national consultation to gauge the public’s opinion on a range of issues connected with the novel coronavirus epidemic and measures to restart the economy.

He even revealed one question on the survey concerns financier George Soros and his “plan” to issue perpetual bonds without a maturity date, which according to Orbán “will result in debt slavery.”

According to Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communication and relations the questionnaire will also include a question on the European Court of Justice ruling on transit zones. Hungarians will be asked whether strict border protections should be maintained, he said. This not only concerns Hungary’s security but that of the European Union, too, Kovács said on Facebook on Thursday.

Further, he said dangers posed by migration had come to the fore during the epidemic, and it was clear from developments in the Balkans that the two were interlinked. Hungarians will also be canvassed for their opinion on this, he said.

The questionnaire contains 13 questions total, the remaining ones will be revealed in the coming days.

Featured photo by László Beliczay/MTI