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New Hungarian Ambassador Presents Credentials to Trump in DC

Tom Szigeti 2017.09.12.

On Friday, September 8th, László Szabó presented his diplomatic credentials to President Donald Trump in a ceremony held in the White House’s Oval Office, an occasion that marks the official beginning of Szabó’s tenure as Hungary’s Ambassador to the United States.

During a 10-minute meeting, Szabó and Trump discussed the importance of further enhancing Hungarian-American bilateral relations.

In a statement released for the occasion, the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, DC expressed its view that

Hungary and the United States are solid NATO allies with active participation in global missions, in the fight against international terrorism and ISIS, in military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, enjoying mutually advantageous economic, trade and investment cooperation. The flourishing cultural ties and Hungarian heritage, with which the 1.4 million Hungarian Americans living in the United States enriched their newly found homeland, also provide a cornerstone for future cooperation between the two countries.

Szabó took over as ambassador for Réka Szemerkényi, who served in that position from 2015 until earlier this year, when it was announced that her service in that role would be coming to an end. At that time, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stirred up a degree of controversy; when asked by a reporter about Szemerkényi’s recall (which some claimed was related to her inability to convince the US to support the government’s controversial “Lex CEU” higher-education legislation), he responded that “I don’t deal with women’s issues.”

The new ambassador comes to Washington DC following a stint as Hungary’s deputy foreign minister. Szabó received a degree of media attention in Hungary in 2015, when it was reported that his car, a luxury Mercedes SUV, was among a number of ministerial vehicles that cost taxpayers, on average 800,000 forint (roughly $3100) over a six-month-period for gas and servicing.

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