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Hungarian Railway to Launch Brand New, Faster InterCity Carriages

By Fanni Kaszás // 2017.11.15.

Some of the railways in Hungary will soon be traveling at a higher speed, as national rail line MÁV-Start Zrt. is planning to purchase new Intercity carriages.

The brand new, faster cars have four-seat-wide aisles, air-conditioned coaches. They are officially referred to by the name Intercity Plus (IC+),  the ‘Plus’ referring to the higher level of comfort of the carriages.

The new carriages, which enter into domestic use in 2019, are being designed and produced by MÁV-Start in its vehicle repair facility in Szolnok.

The company has already started the production of 20 custom IC+ coaches, and the first two cars will be ready by next spring. The new trains will be capable of running at an operating speed of 200 km/h in international traffic.

photo: Bugány János/MTI

MÁV-Start will first produce multi-purpose coaches with bicycle and wheelchair space, followed by second class, and finally first class carriages. The production will take place between 2018 and 2020.

The development of IC+ trains for domestic use will start soon as well. Magyar Hírlap said that there are minor differences between the carriages for international and domestic traffic. International vehicles are capable to run at 220 km/h, while the operational speed of domestic trains is 160 km/h.

According to MÁVs plans, in addition to the twenty international wagons, hundreds of new IC+ carriages will be built for domestic traffic.

You can view a promotional film of the new IC+ carriages here: