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The Never-Ending Hungarian Plain – Hortobágy Bird’s-Eye View – Video

Robert Velkey 2017.10.31.

Péter Kálló, the multiple-award-winning photographer from Budapest, allows us fly up above the great Hungarian plain his new video.

Hortobágy is located in Hungary’s breathtaking Great Plain. While at first glance it may bear some similarities to a desert, it is by no means empty. This “green desert and animal kingdom” is populated by special flora and fauna that call this unique habitat home.

There are lot of small lakes, marshes and unique wildlife, including the last wild horses of Europe, Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, and water buffaloes, all of whom are joined by more than ten thousand birds in autumn. In this atmosphere, traditions are not only alive but a part of everyday life as well.

 You can enjoy the drone video of the Hortobágy below:

via: origo.hu; boredpanda.com

photos: boredpanda.com; kallopeter.hu