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Neurosurgeon András Csókay: “When you have a tough question, you always have to look up.”

Hungary Today 2021.05.21.

The name of neurosurgeon András Csókay became internationally known when he developed the so-called vascular tunnel technique for the treatment of severe traumatic brain swelling. In addition, a number of other new groundbreaking surgical procedures can be linked to him. In recent years, his name has often been heard outside of professional circles: in 2020, he and his team successfully separated the Bangladeshi Siamese twins Rabeya and Rukaya. András Csókay is not only known for his outstanding surgical achievements, however: he lectures all over the country and has already written several books: he always speaks openly and honestly about being Hungarian, about medicine, his deep faith, and his doubts as well as struggles. In a short portrait film from our publisher, the Friends of Hungary Foundation, he says: “When you have a tough question you must always look up.” This has helped him in many difficult situations during his career.

“As close as your relationship with Jesus is, determines how you get along with people. Loving God but not people is impossible,” confesses world-famous neurosurgeon, András Csókay. It is well-known in Hungary that he is a deeply devout Christian. He talks about it often. So much so that he usually credits his greatest professional successes to his strong faith. András Csókay attributes the turning point of his life to a mystical experience when he saw the statue of the Virgin Mary sweating and breathing.


András Csókay graduated as an engineer in 1980, changed professions after three years, and nine years later completed his medical studies at Semmelweis Medical University in 1994, and qualified as a neurosurgeon. In early August 2019, he successfully separated conjoined twins from Bangladesh in a 30-hour operation with a team of 35 Hungarian doctors from the ‘Action For Defenseless People Foundation.’

“In seconds everything got back on track, so in my private life everything went back to normal within seconds, also in my career I took a whole new direction, the creative ideas and thoughts started to surface.”

Photo: Péter Csákvári


“The Lord makes the impossible possible”

The professor talks in the video about the time he was preparing to separate the Bangladeshi twins who were joined at the skull, and he thought the surgery was impossible. But soon after, he got “the basic idea from the Lord Jesus” and now, thanks to multiple surgical procedures, the two girls can now live separate lives.

Hungarian Doctors Successfully Separate Siamese Twins Conjoined at Head
Hungarian Doctors Successfully Separate Siamese Twins Conjoined at Head

A team of Hungarian doctors has successfully separated Rabeya and Rokaiya, Siamese twins conjoined at the head, in a 30-hour operation ending on Friday in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Cselekvés a Kiszolgáltatottakért Alapítvány (Foundation for Defenceless People) that organised the operation, told MTI. The three-year-old Bangladeshi twins are in a stable condition but complications cannot be […]Continue reading

When I met the conjoined twins, I said that it was impossible, after that, I got the idea from Jesus, and I asked, “Lord, why me? I am unfit for this,” and indeed, the Lord makes the unfit capable.


A few years ago, András Csókay decided to reduce his time spent in practice by almost half and started performing autopsies. His goal was to practice and explore new surgical ideas. In an interview he said, “I performed about 1,500 operations, assisted by my eight hundred dead Hungarian brothers. The experience I gained here gave me new surgical ideas. But this requires a lot of spiritual strength, which I draw from prayer.

According to Csókay, a person, everyone, can evangelize with their work and life, through their example.

“Thus, if I am a trustworthy, good doctor, I am adhering to the Gospel if, throughout the process, I am declaring to whom I can be thankful for all this.”

The professor also spoke in the short film about how he and his family have established their own foundation, the ‘Doing good is good Foundation’ (Jót Tenni Jó Alapítvány), whose main focus is surrounding abortion. In addition, he has launched several support programs and participated in medical missions to Nigeria.

Photo: Péter Csákvári

“The decisive experience is the heartfelt faith, which cannot be experienced here in Europe. That is human nature. In prosperity, we forget God, forget Jesus, and forget other people. That is beyond doubt. This is the downfall of Europe.”

The surgeon gets many invitations to give lectures to share his testimonies. In the film, he speaks about how we cannot be considered human simply because of our brain.

András Csókay Neurosurgeon Receives Award for Civic Hungary
András Csókay Neurosurgeon Receives Award for Civic Hungary

Neurosurgeon András Csókay, head of the Hungarian medical team separating Bangladeshi Siamese twins, received the 2019 Award for Civic Hungary. The award was presented on Monday in Budapest by Dalma Mádl, widow of former President of Hungary Ferenc Mádl, and Zoltán Balog, President of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary (PMA). László Kövér, Speaker of […]Continue reading

That we are someone, a “human person,” we get that from God at conception. Love is not a feeling, it is not a sensation, it is a conscious decision, a commitment.

András Csókay’s work has been recognized with numerous awards: he received the Prima Prize, the Hungarian Order of Merit, the Ignác Semmelweis Prize, and was chosen as honorary citizen of Budapest and Óbuda-Békásmegyer.

You can watch the short film about András Csókay with English subtitles here:

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI