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NAV’s Four-Legged Heroes Introduced on Facebook

Fanni Kaszás 2019.09.03.

photo: NAV Facebook

Four years ago, the six-month-old Boo was found by the Füzesabony Animal Protection Foundation tied to a playground bench. She spent one and a half years at the Foundation where she received a lot of help from volunteers with walks, training and donations. She had several temporary fosters, but no one applied for her as a permanent owner. However, her excellent nose and dexterity soon showed: she found her toys  hidden in the warehouse or in the park at any time. Boo’s skill and excellent sense of smell also aroused the interest of others, and one day she was taken to the Hidegkút Dog School, from where she went straight to the NAV Dog Training Center. After several months of training and hard work, she ended up at the Somogy County NAV Centre, where she found a loving owner. Boo and her handler are often invited to various programs and school events where the sniffer dog shows off her skills with a drug and cigarette detecting show.

According to NAV, interestingly, after the successful drug and cigarette detections, Boo would rather have baby biscuits as a reward, not her toys. With detecting cigarette and drugs worth more than 15 million HUF, as well as 78 kilograms of premium quality hookah tobacco, there should be a lot of treats for the sniffer dog. Check out her other pictures in NAV’s gallery: