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Nationwide Demonstrations Against Animal Cruelty – Video!

Fanni Kaszás 2019.08.26.

Yesterday, hundreds of people, many of them with their dogs, were protesting at the Kiskunhalas District Prosecutor’s Office demanding harsher punishment for animal torture. Simultaneously, several other demonstrations were held against animal cruelty nationwide.

More than 165 animal protection organizations demonstrated on August 25th, as according to their statement, “despite the fact that Parliament has declared animal torture a criminal offense since April 24, 2004, the sentences imposed since then have had no deterrent effect.” The nationwide protests were triggered by the case of a woman from Balotaszállás, who dragged her large dog tied to her car on the road, because the animal – afraid of thunder – escaped from her farm.

Nationwide Demonstrations Against Animal Cruelty Will be Held Over the Weekend

The hearing of the 68-year-old woman was held yesterday, on 25th August at the Kiskunhalas court. The protesters marched in downtown Kiskunhalas with signs that read: “Let’s fight animal torturers!” or “Prison for Animal Killers!” and many chanted “Enough!” They also tied plush animal toys painted with red paint to a car, dragging them through the city. Protesters cut down the toys from the car and later went to the woman’s farm in Balotaszállás and placed the plush animals, electric candles, and flowers in front of the house, commemorating the dog.

Peaceful demonstrations were held not only in Kiskunhalas but also in several places around the country, organized by the Mancs a Kézben Kutyamentő Alapítvány, the Argos Állatvédelmi Egyesület, the Állat és Ember Állatvédő Egyesület, and the Bol-dog Természet és Állatvédelmi Alapítvány with the main message:

Anyone who tortures an animal may go on to torture people! We do not tolerate violence!

The aim of the peaceful demonstration is to demand jail sentence for anyone who tortures an animal.

According to the statement of the so far 165 animal rights organizations, activists and animal-loving citizens who have joined the initiative to demand more serious sentences for animal cruelty, the mild sentences since animal cruelty was declared a crime are not enough to prevent further cases of animal torture.

According to HalasInfo, the main organizer of the demonstration, Brigitta Bíró, said in a speech that they had

enough of judges giving suspended jail sentences, which has no deterrent effect and weight.

In his speech, Attila Szabó, president of the ARGOS Animal Protection Association, prepared a long list of similar and even more cruel cases and strikingly minor penalties.

In 2017 for example, the Encs court gave two teenagers six and five months suspended sentences for killing a puppy in Detek. The two boys were ordered probationary supervision by a court and required them to attend group sessions, which include protection and care of animals, and raising awareness of the legal consequences of animal torture; as well as reading Géza Csáth’s short story “Anyagyilkosság,” watching the movie “Witman fiúk” based on the book, and writing an essay on the consequences of animal torture.

featured photo: Zsuzsa Simon/Facebook

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